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The Usability Issues with Desktop “Staking” Wallets

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Desktop “staking” wallets provide users with the ability to earn rewards (think, interest or dividends) on cryptocurrency staked within the wallet. However, setting up these wallets requires a certain level of knowledge and familiarity that new users do not possess. This video report will present our findings and suggestions from our June 2019 research study which focused on the usability issues that non crypto savvy users (noobs) encounter when setting up desktop “staking” wallets for the first time. For this study we recruited 15 participants matching the target demographic of non crypto savvy but crypto curious and had them interact with five different desktop wallets that provided “staking” functionality. Our analysis covers nine specific areas of focus including the participants’ ability to download, install, synchronize, secure / encrypt, fund, and configure the wallets so to earn “staking” rewards. To learn the details of what trips up crypto noobs and see our suggestions on how to design a better user experience for these desktop wallets, pre-order our video report today.